Planning Secured for Modern Estate House

Planning Secured for Modern Estate House

Planning was recently approved for a build on a small estate by Loch Ruthven, just south of Inverness - a project we are hugely looking forward to progressing.

This replacement house responds sensitively to the existing topography of the lush grounds and pays distinct homage to the materiality of the steading which previously occupied the site - repaired and repointed stone with a materials palette of Corten Steel and untreated timber. These complement and contrast with the existing stonework, as well as the colours of the surrounding landscape.

The house is largely single-storey, with ‘green’ sedum roofing, helping it sit comfortably within the landscape. The first floor space is constructed of glass and untreated timber cladding, which over time will weather to sit comfortably against the context of the site.

This upper storey is designed to be deliberately ‘solid’ to the North, contrasting with the open glazed elevations to the South, in order to make the most of solar gain whilst limiting heat-loss. This is both an aesthetic and practical consideration, especially for architects in Northern Scotland, and a great example of a home designed to reap all the benefits of its natural context.

We’re another step closer to building a bright and contemporary Highland haven, perfectly suited for its environment - a vernacular and context-conscious approach to a 21st century home.

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