RIBAJ 'Future Winners' Selection

RIBAJ 'Future Winners' Selection

We’re very pleased that the RIBA Journal (RIBAJ) has selected Brown & Brown as one of its ‘Future Winners 2020’ - a selection of four up and coming architectural practices tipped to receive awards in the years to come.

Recently, Isabelle Priest from RIBAJ came up to Strathdon for a studio visit - one that was heavily disrupted by snowy weather and unexpected changes of plan - but through a combination of this and a follow-up video call, we were able to share some of our story and practice to date with the Journal.

Key conversation topics included:

— Not growing for the sake of growing

“‘We don’t want to be on the ladder of increasing size and importance of projects,’ says Andrew. ‘We turn down most non-domestic things we get asked to do. We find a lot of freedom in domestic.’”

— Being selective

“Instead, the firm has a ‘laser beam focus’ over what and whom it works with. Clients aren’t connected by job, wealth or location but personality..."

— Learning who clients are

“‘Doing good houses is about learning how people live and that’s a bit about learning who they are; it ties up with design’.”

— The scope of our clients and project locations

“The youngest of the practice’s clients is 26, the oldest in their 80s. Some own multiple companies, are CEOs, diplomats, one works in a library. Some live in London, some are local, some Scottish, English, EU or international. The most northern job is Thurso 3.5 hours North, the most southerly overlooks the Cumbrian coast.”

— The importance of context

“‘If you have such dramatic scenery it seems to me that should lead the buildings to go in the opposite direction...’”

You can read the full article on the RIBA Journal
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