Three Concepts for a Cairngorms Holiday Home

Three Concepts for a Cairngorms Holiday Home

Alongside those architectural concepts that are fully approved, built and completed, there are (usually) an array of alternative designs that were considered and either revised or discarded - whether they’re pitched to clients or don’t leave the drawing board.

Briefed with designing a unique holiday home at Grantown-on-Spey - to the north of the Cairngorms and just south-east of Inverness - we developed three initial designs with distinct approaches to the ‘holiday home’ concept, both in terms of the materials utilised and the arrangement of their structures within the site.

Design #1

‘A Cairngorms Courtyard’ - is a weathered steel courtyard house, featuring satellite guest cabins which are clustered around a shared, sheltered external space.

Design #2

The ‘Stealth Cabin’ - is a low black timber cabin which works with the existing topography, and sits on a clear axis from the site access, with adjacent guest accommodations.

Design #3

Affectionately referred to as ‘A Treehouse and Two Bothies’ - sees a main 2 storey timber and stone guest cabin sharing the site with 2 further stone bothies, each designed to accommodate further guests, and spreading the overall mass of the cabin across the site.

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